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Lady Eboshi was awesome.  You know why?  Because she looked at a town full of abused and exploited women and said “Fuck this shit”

And they said “Look lady these girls are just trying to earn a living”

But Lady Eboshi didn’t take that shit.  She said “Well I’ll buy them and if they want they can come with me.”

"Lady you are hysterical you can’t afford…"

"Fuck you.  I’m paying for all of it.  And you know how?  These ladies are going to work for me.  I’m going to pay them to make iron for weapons and you are going to buy those weapons."


"Your town is so big and succesful the Emperor wants it.  You better sell out now because all of those natural resources are protected by the Gods so you might as well…"

"Fuck the Gods.  Fuck the Emperor.  Fuck your shit.  It’s my hot town I’ll do what I want."

She also took in men who’d been crippled and were cast out to be beggars and gave them work they could do and plenty of respect and care. Lady was feminist as fuck



L E P E R S.

See above for why Lady Eboshi is one of the best characters ever. Technically, she’s the antagonist after you learn San’s story and how Eboshi is hurting the environment, but she’s not villified by the story or by any human characters in the town because of her humanitarian efforts. She’s an antagonist for San and Ashitaka at some points, but in all others, she’s nothing less of a hero. Even at the end, when her town is ruined, she just smiles and says “This time we’ll build a better town.” with the implication she’ll make a prosperous town for her people without harming the environment.

tl;dr - Lady Eboshi is the best

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