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please do not let ferguson die out like everything else big does. do not let this die out. do not let this continue on for three days and then everyone forget about it. do not let this happen.

queue this post up 3 days from now, a week from now, a month from now, a month from then. make sure even if you forget your blog will remember.

the fact i’m seeing reblogs slow down despite the fact there is still news breaking is concerning

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i would be fucking pissed. thats hundreds of dollars

This really pisses me off. One, like the previous comment, that’s hundreds of dollars just shredded right there. Secondly, the kid is autistic (I can easily tell, my mother is a psychologist and I’m also autistic) and the father just took away something mentally stimulating to him that could very well give him a good job (if something is pretty stimulating to someone with autism, they tend to be very good at it like the kid said).

This is horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. They are LAUGHING at him. He’s only been out of school for three months and they do this. The kid here even said they were worth hundreds of dollars and that they were extremely valuable, yet the father just runs them over after taunting him to save some of the games while at the same time revving up the engine as a threat whenever he attempts it. This kid wasn’t even that ill mannered. The worst he said in the entire video was fuck. 
God between the actual event, the way the father taunted the guy, and the way the (i assume) brother laughed at him and regarded his distress as some sort of comedy act sickens me. 


being called “racist” isn’t an insult or something mean that people are saying to you because they want to bring you down. if you’re being called racist you shouldn’t be brushing it off because you “can’t see the haters” you should be assessing your behaviour, your language, and mindset for signs of prejudice, discrimination, and sympathy/support for unfair and violent treatment towards racially persecuted people in your country 







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Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Those are the countries. It will be drought-resistant species, mostly acacias. And this is a fucking brilliant idea you have no idea oh my Christ

This will create so many jobs and regenerate so many communities and aaaaaahhhhhhh

more info here:

it’s already happening, and already having positive effects. this is wonderful, why have i not heard of this before? i’m so happy!

Oh wow, this is fantastic!

Meanwhile America can’t even admit that the global climate disaster is a thing… Yet we’re still arrogant enough to think we can boss an entire continent around. Ridiculous.

The desertification of the African continent is directly tied to imperialism and colonialism.  There is a long history of community land management— many “forests” were created by human hands in Africa.  When the people were in charge of their own communities and land trees were planted and nurtured, which in turn enriched the soil, kept water and moisture, and supported the growth of agriculture. 

The white Iowa farm boys argued vehemently with my African-born and raised Professor on this— they thought that desertification in Africa was due to mismanagement, corruption, and overpopulation by the African nations.  It’s strange to me how they were so absolutely against the notion that Africans were the best stewards of their land, and had been for millennia.

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